FRA/BEL | 2020 | 52mins | dir.s Karim Miské, Marc Ball & Pierre Singaravélou | In English
A three-part documentary series, Décolonisations brings a new understanding of colonisation through the point of view of the colonised. Made over several years and using a trove of archival footage and sound, each episode highlights the role of famous and lesser known figures who, from Asia to Africa, have organised their own form of resistance to the empire. From the Indian rebellion of Cipayes in 1857 to the trial of the Mau Mau descendents in Kenya in 2013, this impressive work gives us a renewed understanding of the struggles of women and men often ignored by history books, who changed the course of history in their own community.
Episode 1: Learning (L’apprentissage)
From the 1857 Sepoy Rebellion to the astonishing Republic of the Rif put in place between 1921 and 1926 by Abdelkrim el-Khattab in Morocco, the first episode, L’apprentissage (Learning), shows that resistance, in other words decolonisation, started even before the conquest itself.

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